Following the release of their collaborative EP, (m)edian, Ta-ku and Wafia have just unveiled a three-part series of associated music videos, directed by Damon Cameron and Ta-ku himself. Spanning three of the EP’s five tracks, the series takes a highly stylized and personal plunge into the deep and complicated relationships the two artists have with their fathers.

Recurring thematic elements carve their way through each of the three clips, evolving and progressing into overlapping narratives that give direction to the various scenes laced in symbolism. The result appears to be some sort of catharsis that emerges from a long period of confusion and struggle.

Coming as Ta-ku’s directorial debut, the three music videos set the stage for what we hope to be a continuing trend in his multi-faceted career. Watch the playlist below, and take an aural and visual journey through the minds and hearts of two truly talented creators.