Mija made a statement when she curated the FK A Genre tour with artists ranging from Dave 1 of Chromeo to Nosaj Thing to Eprom – don’t focus on a genre, focus on the experience. If you haven’t already gotten your tickets for the tour, which starts the 20th of this month, then you should listen to this new mix from Mija.

The tracklist is easily as eclectic as the tour itself, with cuts from Wuki, Ducky, Team EZY, Justin Martin, Treasure Fingers and more making appearances in the hour-long mix.

“‘FK A GENRE’ isn’t a derogatory statement in regards to genres, but more so an acceptance and unity in the music industry,” Mija told Billboard. “In this day and age, we are all basically just human remixes. We all come from different places, different lifestyles, and listen to different music– but our influences are far from suppressed. The internet has given us an unlimited platform of knowledge and inspiration. Sometimes the most efficient way to create a new sound is to cross between genres and experiment with noises/tempos that wouldn’t normally go together. But I don’t believe that just because one person dedicates their life to one ‘genre’ makes them lazy or uncreative.”

You can read her full interview about the tour here. The tour begins Oct 20th in Miami, and continues until November 26th. With 12 different cities, each with its own unique and curated lineup, look for info & tickets at www.fkagenre.com.