Insomniac revealed the newly reimagined KineticTEMPLE stage at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas this year, and fans were predictably blown away. The massive structure made for the focal point of the festival, not to mention being extremely photogenic for anyone who wanted to capture a special moment at the speedway.

Now that that festival has been completed and stored away, the KineticTEMPLE is making its way to Orlando for EDC in November with some noticeable changes. First, you’ll notice that the centerpiece of the stage has been removed for full visibility of the massive LED screen behind it. The flares directly to its sides will also be more condensed to allow for the slightly smaller stage/venue, as well as the design pieces on the edges.

In addition to the debut of the kineticTEMPLE, both circuitGROUNDS and neonGARDEN will introduce designs never before seen at EDC Orlando this fall. Following the success of circuitGROUNDS’ 360-degree design at EDC Las Vegas 2016, an adapted version of the immersive structure will be the largest production stage to ever appear at EDC Orlando. Measuring 160-feet in diameter, circuitGROUNDS will display over 1,000 pyrotechnic units in a circular array of towering pods and booming bass. For fans of the neonGARDEN, a 150-foot tall circus-style tent will house the stage for the first time ever. Packed with lasers, deep house and techno vibes and an entire day dedicated to Insomniac’s trance brand, Dreamstate, there will be no shortage of energy emitted from neonGARDEN.

See a teaser of the stage below. Two-day and single day GA and VIP tickets for this 18+ event are available here.