It’s no secret that our staff visits the Skrillex subreddit pretty religiously. As one of the foremost communities on Skrillex news and culture, it’s a goldmine of new information and we love all the people that have devoted their time to the endeavor.

Two nights ago, Reddit user ChipsAndDiplo posted a Kanye-inspired poem on the subreddit all about Skrillex. It’s based on Kanye’s “I Love Kanye,” and it’s been made to fit perfectly with many of the current perceptions of Skrillex.

It reads:

I miss the old Skrillex, straight from LA Skrillex
Chop up the vox Skrillex, set on his goals Skrillex
I hate the new Skrillex, the bland beats Skrillex
The always trap Skrillex, quiet in the news Skrillex
I miss the sweet Skrillex, chop up the beats Skrillex
I gotta say, at that time I’d like to meet Skrillex
See I invented Skrillex, It wasn’t any Skrillex’s
And now I look and look around and there’s so many Skrillex’s
I used to love Skrillex, I used to love Skrillex
I even had the black glasses, I thought I was Skrillex
What if Skrillex made a song about Skrillex
Called “I Miss The Old Skrillex”? Man, that’d be so Skrillex
That’s all it was Skrillex, we still love Skrillex
And I love you like Skrillex loves Skrillex

However, the user does include a disclaimer at the end which reads, “I don’t actually hate the new Skrillex I just really, really needed a break from my assignments and did this out of boredom while listening to Kanye.”

It’s cool, man. We get it.


H/T Thump | Image via Rukes