Released just last month to great critical acclaim was the Holograms LP from drum & bass production team Mutated Forms. Having been in the works for quite some time, we wanted to hear a bit more about its creation process, and what else we can expect from this exciting act.

We want to let you know how much we are enjoying Holograms! Such a great album. How does it feel to finally have released it?

Thanks guys! That really does mean a lot to us! It feels like a great weight off our shoulders and a major thing off the bucket list – which is exactly what this was about. We just wanted to finally write a full, substantial and personal project, rather than a series of singles, EP’s and remixes – found a great home for it and here we are. So far we’ve had great feedback from both the artists and the general public, which makes us very happy.

When did you first start putting the LP together? Have there been many versions of it before this final version?

We had attempts to do an LP several times in the past, but it never came to fruition. This particular album we have started writing around 2 years ago after a big kick up the arse from Chris Blu Mar Ten and after quite a long break from conventional drum & bass.

I don’t think there have been any other versions of the album. Obviously we kept getting rid of certain tracks and then putting them in again, but the main body of the album was more or less the same.

How would you describe your production styles? Who offers what to the partnership?

Tough question, but I’d say for me (AJ) I’m 60% technical 40% music and Zub is vice versa.

Quite often I would open Dropbox to a 16 bar loop idea from Zub ,that would literally have all the ingredients for me to turn it into a track pretty quickly. If it wasn’t for his constant little idea loops and clips, we would probably still be working on the album. I really enjoy bringing projects to life with the engineering side of things so I like taking care of the mix-downs more, I guess – but obviously we both contribute to this.

Who really inspires you as artists?

In drum & bass it would have to be Calibre, Lenzman, Nu:tone, Marky, Rockwell, Alix Perez, D-Bridge and SpectraSoul. Outside of D&B I really can’t narrow the list down to just a few people if I’m honest…

Which track on ‘Holograms’ would you say sums up the Mutated Forms sound best?

Not sure if we can pick one! Our half-time stuff means a lot to me, so I’d go for both ‘Amazonica’ and ‘One Breath.’

What is next for you two? Has the work for your next release started?

We have had a lot of unusual developments in both of our lives outside of music, so I’m really not sure. Got a couple of ideas and a few things we wanted to do to the tracks that didn’t quite make it to the album, but nothing is 100% just yet.

Get the LP here.