For the past several hours, DJ Mag’s yearly Top 100 List has been the only thing on the dance music community’s mind. Scorn and praise are flowing in from all sides, and while most of us are content with choosing sides and weighing the rankings, Dillon Francis is still stuck at the door.

In a video posted to his Twitter yesterday, Dillon laid out the full scope of his confusion over the Top 100 List. Despite coming in at No. 64, the king of moombahton said that he has no idea what the list is supposed to be telling him.

If it was indicating Best Producers, Daft Punk and Major Lazer’s achievements would put them far higher. (Though to counter one of Dillon’s arguments, Daft Punk’s collaboration with The Weeknd came out just as polls were closing, if they weren’t already.) If it was for Best DJs, DJ Craze and A-trak would certainly be near the top of the list. If it was for pure popularity, he said, then who are half of these people that he’s never even heard of? Of course, it’s pointless in the first place to try and apply rationality to the list, as we’ve been trying for the past few years and failing.

Share in Dillon’s confusion and rage by checking out the complete video below.


Facebook image by Jas Davis