The mothership has landed folks, Martin Garrix & The Federal Empire‘s highly anticipated collaboration “Hold On & Believe” is finally here.

To say that we have just been waiting for this one would be a huge understatement. Ever since the Dutch superstar revealed the track during arguably his best set of the year at Ultra Music Festival 2016, fans have been going crazy for this track. Watch Martin premiere “Hold On & Believe” from Ultra Miami below!

Nearly everyone thought that “Hold On & Believe” was a Martin Garrix & Avicii collab based on its similarities in sound design and melody to Avicii’s “Waiting for Love,” which Martin Garrix did co-produce.

The rumors of a possible Martin Garrix & Avicii collaboration were further intensified due to the creation of an incorrectly titled fan-made unofficial music video which garnered millions of views on Youtube (16.6 million views as of right now). The simple fact that an unofficial music video alone has amassed more plays than some official Martin Garrix tracks proves the point that fans have been longing for this song for quite awhile. With a colossal number of views on the fan made video, it’s possible that Martin will take note and we may see a possible official music video sometime in the near future. Watch the fan made music video that created all the hype around “Hold On & Believe” below!

“Hold On & Believe” is Martin’s 4th track during Garrix week, with 3 more tracks to come, including collaborations with his friends and possible STMPD RCRD’s signees Julian Jordan, Florian Picasso, and Matisse & Sadko. With help from The Federal Empire, this new single is so catchy that it’s bound to be played on radio stations across the world. Listen to “Hold On & Believe” below and make sure to check out the creator of the artwork, ZEDZ – and if you want to see how ZEDZ made it, watch that here!

The Federal Empire even uploaded an acoustic version of “Hold On & Believe” that definitely brings out a more folky and relaxed rendition of the song, check it out below!

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Image by: Rob Berry Media