Neighboring residents of the Pomona Fairplex are fed up with the noise, traffic, trash, and unruly conduct of the venue’s attendees, and the city council is doing what they can to remedy the issue.

While some residents claim that it’s only certain events responsible for the negative behavior (AKA electronic shows), others say that their sanity is in jeopardy even with the Fairplex’s daily operations.

Following yesterday’s meeting, the city council has decided their main weapon moving forward will be reviewing the regulations regarding land use for the property. As a result the fairgrounds zoning district is about to have more than a few pairs of eyes bearing down on its legal documents.

The Fairplex’s VP of Operations acknowledges that some events do indeed cause a nuisance, but these events are necessary to cover the maintenance costs of the venue’s 487 acre property. Suggestions have ranged from new permit requirements for large-scale events, to even event specific permits, however unrealistic that may be. Regardless, the venue will certainly be seeing some changes in the coming months.

“We have to be creative enough to have a document that’s flexible but strong enough to protect residents.” – Councilwoman Paula Lantz


H/T Daily Bulletin