Producer Michael Mason has just released his latest original, this time in the form of an emotional and soaring heater called “Let It Fall.” Coming as a precursor to his upcoming EP, the song displays two areas of Mason’s wide spectrum of production expertise, namely experimental trap and melodic future bass. The result is a truly memorable piece of work that will tide his avid base of listeners over until the December EP.

“Let It Fall” begins with distant, melancholy chords and heavily distorted vocal layers. A harsh swell of noise carries us upwards towards the first drop, where the vibe suddenly becomes one full of twanging metallic hits and coarse accents above a warm sub bass. Eventually, the vocals are reintroduced above powerful future bass waves and sparkling arpeggios, converting the feeling from grime into euphoria until a long and introspective fadeout brings the track to its close.

Listen below.