While Skrillex might not have quite the amount of mainstream production pedigree that say, a Diplo has, he’s still been in the game for long enough to rack up a surprising amount of production credits on some songs you probably had no idea he worked on.

Credit again to Billboard for putting together this list which features some diverse production credits from K-pop to pop to metal and more.

I’ve honestly never clicked play intentionally on a Korn song till now, metal just has never been my thing, but I was honestly pleasantly surprised. I don’t have much prior Korn experience to judge their other material on, but I can definitely hear some Skrillex and Kill The Noise in “Narcissistic Cannibal” here.

Skrillex has collaborated with K-Pop singers in the past (“Dirty Vibe” anybody?!), but somehow his collaboration with singer “Hate” goes in the exact opposite direction that “Dirty Vibe” went in. Sweet, sassy, and sultry, “Hate” really stands out due to its blaring horns. I wish I could say more about the lyrics, but I’d be lying if I said that I understood a single word.

“Bittersweet” by Ellie Goulding from everybody’s favorite film saga Twilight surprisingly features Skrillex on the decks! As sweet as Ellie Goulding’s vocals might be just by themselves, Skrillex’ production really helps to bring this song into another stratosphere when it comes to beautiful, emotional pop-music.

Finally back to metal, or at the very least ‘metalcore’ once again! Skrillex teams up with Atreyu for their single “You Were King, Now You’re Unconscious.” As most of us know, Skrillex does come from a rock band background so it’s good to see him back at it again from time to time as he continues to showcase his musical diversity.


H/T: Billboard | Featured Image Source: Rukes