In a recent interview with Forbes, Martin Garrix subtly revealed that he will not, in fact, be releasing his debut album any time soon. Despite having all but confirmed the album throughout 2016, it appears that Garrix and his team have started to quietly direct focus toward other ventures.

“Yeah. I’ve been saying that I’ve been working on an album for a long time and I think I finished it actually, and I sent it to the label. Right now we’re trying to figure out how we can release it. Because a lot of things from the album are very clubby, and not really radio-friendly. More like party music. We’re figuring out how we’re going to release it, when and as what. If it’s going to be an album or something else. It’s going to be fun. The world has no idea how much Garrix music is coming up.”

Even though the promise of new music is enticing for fans, the news comes as a disappointing development from the kind of statements we received from Garrix only months ago.

Back in February, a video interview posted to Twitter saw Garrix reveal that his debut album would have a 2016 release date.

While receiving the No. 1 spot on DJ Mag’s Top 100 List, Garrix released an impressive seven brand new tracks. And while fans believed this to be a reference to the aforementioned album, a source revealed it would not be an album, and that a debut album in the near future is dubious at best.

Now, with the Forbes interview in tow, we can say with very high confidence that Martin Garrix will not be releasing his debut album this year. Although he may have an album’s worth of new tracks in the pipeline, their release will come in a different format.

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Source: Forbes | Image: Rukes