Martin Garrix just had one hell of a week, folks. During Amsterdam Dance Event, the Dutch superstar released 7 tracks across 7 days all on his imprint label STMPD RCRDS, became the world’s number 1 DJ on the DJ Mag Top 100 list, made a Martin Garrix themed pop-up shop and played two 3-hour shows at the RAI Amsterdam on two separate days.

After the long enduring radio silence on Martin’s new fangled label, it finally seems like the wheels are turning. In addition to the 7 tracks Martin just released as collaborations to shine some light on his friends & STMPD RCRDS signees, a purely original track from Lione will also be dropping on the 28th.

Here’s a recap of the 7 tracks Martin dropped in the previous days leading up to him dethroning Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike to take his rightful throne as the #1 DJ of the world:

“WIEE” with Dutch 17-year-old, Mesto.

“Sun Is Never Going Down” with vocalist and producer, Dawn Golden.

“Spotless” with longtime collaborator, Jay Hardway.

“Hold On & Believe” with Los Angeles trio, The Federal Empire.

“Welcome” with good friend, Julian Jordan.

“Together” with Russian duo, Matisse & Sadko.

“Make Up Your Mind” with the great grandson of famed artist Pablo Picasso, Florian Picasso.

With such a diverse selection of producers championing the STMPD RCRDS label name in addition to a possible Martin Garrix and Justin Bieber collaboration, Martin’s label doesn’t seem to be losing its traction anytime soon.

When asked about a possible collaboration with his good friend Justin Bieber, Martin responds, “in the future,” as seen in the video below. Martin definitely knows how to add suspense to a release, that’s for sure.

Martin’s aim for STMPD RCRD’s has always been to put the artists first and to build a community around that notion as mentioned by him in the past:

“My aim with STMPD RCRDS is to foster an artist first community to support great music. It’s important for young, undiscovered talent and veterans alike to have a support system that is invested in and dedicated to their success above all else.” 

When asked about what we can expect from STMPD RCRDS in an interview from Your EDM moments before his headlining set at Ultra Music Festival in Miami Martin said:

“You can expect everything from the label. It can have rappers and hip-hop to indie pop, trap music to electronic house music. It can be everything. I’m 19 years old and I don’t need to make any more money. What I really want to do with the label is to make a platform for other artists and boost new talent into the world. I’ve received the most amazing demos, I’ve worked in the studio with some of these talents just for their projects depending what they want or depending on what I want, and I just bought my new office space in Amsterdam two days ago. Now we’re expanding the team and finding people who will work for STMPD Records. Like with “Now That I’ve Found You,” I hoped for good feedback because it was the first release on the label and the feedback was absolutely ridiculous. It charted worldwide and we didn’t even start the radio promo yet from the label. It was only pushed by my own social media. For me it’s all super exciting and now with Ultra coming up I’m going to play a lot of new music, a lot of new, different genres, and I want it to be a showcase for the label that every type of music is possible for it.”

The simple fact that Martin wants to make his label an all inclusive genre friendly distributor of music will most certainly put his label and name above the bar when compared to other DJ backed labels that purely release electronic music. The kid’s a musical tastemaker and his label will be no different with release of EDM, Hip-Hop and Pop.

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