It’s no secret that The Chainsmokers are on fire right now. Ripping up the charts, racing to the top, it seems like these boys can do no wrong. So it should come as no surprise that everyone wants a piece of the action, and with each hit they put out, an abundance of remixes aren’t far behind. However, not all remixes are created equally. Some take these songs to a new and unexpected place, creating some killer tunes, just like this tyDi remix of “All We Know!”

Opening with the eerie echo of lyrics to come, the track takes off with a solid, disco-like pulse. It moves swiftly into the meat of the song, folding in layer upon layer of snaps and sounds, till it culminates in an explosion of vocal distortion and techno-like beat bombs! Creating his own signature sound, he pulls the chorus in a new and exciting direction over the infectious energy of his uplifting background synth.

If you enjoy the original, this will also definitely be a treat – listen to it here!