Another twist in The Chainsmokers and Lady Gaga’s latest round of banter! This all started when The Chainsmokers criticized Lady Gaga’s record “Perfect Illusion” with a very simple, ‘it sucks,’ in an interview with The Rolling Stone. Lady Gaga responded over Twitter by tweeting her latest single “A-YO” to the DJs who responded positively. Everybody thought the whole thing was over right then and there.

That is, until Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers was asked if he had changed his mind about the record while on-air with BBC. Alex refused to change his mind, maintaining that while he had no qualms with Lady Gaga, he simply wasn’t a fan of the song.

“Nope. It’s not her, I respect her as an artist but I’m a loud mouth New Yorker. It sucks and we’re so new to the whole exposure, attention thing. And things get taken out of context or misrepresented or I don’t communicate clearly my true feelings.”

He continued by adding that he took Lady Gaga’s response over Twitter as her throwing shade. “She was clever, she promoted her new song while throwing shade at us and was like ‘maybe you’ll like this one better’ and the song kind of felt like a diss track.”

The first verse of the song does have Lady Gaga discussing smoking, but coincidence or not, who knows? We certainly can’t speak to whether or not the single was a diss track, but you’re more than welcome to stream it below and let us know your thoughts.


H/T: Now 963 | Image: Rukes