Sigma has finally released the official music video for “Find Me” featuring Birdy, directed by Christopher Sims, the acclaimed mind behind the videos of David Guetta, Usher, Ludacris, and more.

For Sigma’s video, Sims has chosen the anomalous Millie Bobby Brown as the star, known for her role as the mystical Eleven in Stranger Things, and combined with the fluttering ambience of the track, I’m at a loss for words.

The entire video is marvelously expressive, and though at times Brown’s acting can be somewhat over the top, there’s a strange bite of innocence which stems from the 12-year-old actor’s youth. Of course, Brown’s “Eleven” aesthetic and style shine through, making for a breathtaking juxtaposition between these mature emotional themes being expressed through what we see as a child.

On the surface, the video isn’t immediately gripping, but if you take a moment to look deeper, there are some profound concepts just waiting to be explored.