As Deadmau5‘s December album and associated tour draws nearer, fans and prospective attendees are scouring the internet for any trace of new information that might shed some light on the full release schedule. With subtle being revealed through his social media pages at a consistent rate, it’s safe to say that any announcement worth mentioning will first appear on one of Deadmau5’s online platforms.

Earlier this weekend, however, he took to his Instagram to reveal something a bit more on the playful side. Apparently, in addition to several custom vehicles and a massive home studio, Deadmau5 has just added a flamethrower to his collection of toys.

A video and (incredible) photo were posted to his account on Friday showing him safely shooting flames out amongst the Canadian wilderness. Ever since we first saw the clip, all we can think of is how much we hope he brings the flamethrower on tour with him.

Imagine the sight. Deadmau5 in all his glory stood atop his brand new cube design shooting massive flames out in all directions. Talk about epic.

Check out the Instagram posts below. Oh, and is that a new mau5 head?

No problem

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Image: Rukes