Snapchat Spectacles just went on sale yesterday, and folks are swooping ’em up like pumpkin spice lattes, though at $130, it’s one rather expensive cup.

At the moment, the new eyewear is only available via Snapbots, moving vending machines which exclusively sell the glasses, and only stay in one spot for about a day before moving on. If you’re lucky enough to track one down, the Spectacles come in Teal, Coral, and classic Black colorways, but they function just like any normal sunglass when not using their recording functionality, though they’re not polarized nor waterproof.

Depending on if the Spectacle’s button is pressed once or twice, users can record either 10-second or 30-second clips with a 115 degree field of view. However, don’t think it’s all incognito, LEDs around the camera lens will illuminate when recording to let anyone in the lens’ field of vision know what you’re up to. Snapchat’s CEO says the glasses are meant to be a fun toy, and hopefully prevent people from holding up their phones “like a wall in front of their faces.”

The Spectacles recharge when tucked away in their protective case, and each full charge is stated to last for approximately 100 10-second recordings, or about 10,000 seconds, or about 166 minutes, or about 2.7 hours, depending on how you like to math.


H/T: Cnet