Oh man, it’s been a while since I’ve written about my friends, Um... But there’s no better time to put them in the spotlight again than with this insane remix of “u kno?” by up-and-coming bass producer Oolacile.

The original of course exemplifies Um..’s penchant for out of this world sound design and sampling, and it’s nice to see the remix keep a lot of those elements. However, one thing the remix does differently is perhaps give the track a bit more “structure” as a dubstep tune, since the original is incredibly loose with its style.

Oolacile gives “u kno?” a degree of punch and filth that’s not found in the original. With the strange bleeps, bloops and pings still intact, however, it’s a true remix and an incredible effort.

The full remix EP is coming Thursday, 11/17, with remixes from X&G, Dack Janiels, Oolacile, ESQ, Elephunk, Noer the Boy, Holly, and MNX, the WAVO remix competition winner. Um.. also just recently launched a new merch line which you can check out HERE.