Mat Zo has a soft spot for Porter Robinson, this we know. After collaborating on the huge hit “Easy” back in 2013, Mat Zo has more recently offered up a remix to Porter’s “Flicker,” from his 2014 album Worlds. Now, Mat Zo has another remix, this time throwing Madeon into the mix with this remix of “Shelter.”

Mat Zo played the remix out at his recent show at San Diego’s Bassmnt. Compared to Porter & Madeon’s heavily Japanese-influenced original, Mat Zo’s remix is significantly more reserved. Playing tantalizing, native-esque piano notes across bongos and a brilliant variation on the original melody, Madeon’s vocals come in, more in focus than in the original. The track’s progression is natural and exquisite, paralleling Porter & Madeon’s own production beautifully.

Check it out a live rip of the track below.


H/T Dancing Astronaut