Throwback time, boys and girls.

In July of 2014, a Canadian beat maker by the name of COINS released a revolutionary remix album of classic Beastie Boys songs created entirely by using samples from Daft Punk. Eight tracks, titled as they were from the Beastie Boys themselves, were stripped of their vocals and pasted onto fantastic and truly astounding reworks of Daft Punk hits like “Aerodynamic” and “Robot Rock.”

Crafted into electro soul-style heaters, the songs from Daft Science are just as innovative as they are nostalgic. The reimagining of classic Daft Punk licks and melodies combined with the power and energy of Beastie Boys vocals is something we never knew we wanted until we heard COINS’ album.

Check it out in full below, and take rediscover the timeless hits you know and love.

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H/T: Reddit