When three incredibly innovative producers come together to create a track, it’s hard to try and top it. With RL GrimeWhat So Not, and Skrillex all using their creative forces to bring to life “Waiting,” trying to remix it is definitely no small task. Tascione thought he would give it a try, however, and created a banger of a track.

The track begins with a clever intro of a young male trying to get through to someone on the phone. After a couple failed attempts by the individual, the original track’s melody is introduced. As the suspense is built for the drop to come, I was eager to hear what Tascione would bring to the table. I was definitely not disappointed, to say the least.

Massive subs, grimy bass, and trembling chords pierce through, broken up by common telephone operator messages. If you could imagine it, the second drop is even dirtier.

Check out the remix below: