I guess no one ever told Alex of The Chainsmokers he shouldn’t swear on network television?

As they walked on stage last night to accept their award for “Favorite Electronic Dance Music,” The Chainsmokers were noticeably caught off guard with very little prepared in terms of a coherent speech. Alex was first to drop a bomb, saying, “Yeah, holy shit, we did not expect for this at all.”

The Chainsmokers have absolutely skyrocketed in popularity since the beginning of this year, reaching peak performance following their Coachella performance weekend 1, as well as the release of “Closer.”

They did the typical thank you speech, but also remarked that they believed electronic music doesn’t get enough credit for “what it does for music in general,” which is essentially the rise of modern pop music. Alex attempted to continue on that train of thought but got tongue tied, exclaiming, “Fuck, I’m nervous,” and getting bleeped for the second time during the speech.

Alex and Drew seem like they’re still catching up with their own popularity.