San Holo has officially boarded the vibe train with both feet nestled in luminous boots of “Light.” Released via his very own bitbird, this newest single is positively immaculate, and exemplifies everything we’ve come to love about this insane talent.

Apart from the vocal melody ripping my heart into chaff, the snare rolls, ethereal synth pads, and riveting breakdown all hold hands to make for a truly grand soundscape. Glitching blips scratch the surface of gaming nostalgia, and bouts of harmonized vocals are just as likely to launch you into a blissful daze.

Overall, it’s the tiny moments that make “Light” so brilliant, and every portion of the arrangement is given the utmost attention, loaded with embellishments to explore new ideas at every opportunity. Snag the new-new for free here, and be sure to throw your boy some love on Hype Machine.