With so many festivals popping up lately, it’s important to set yourself apart from the crowd. In that fashion, a trend of boutique, exclusive festivals has arisen featuring more than just music, and a very selective crowd. Venues for these festivals can vary wildly, from forests to deserts, and attendance is usually anywhere between 400 to 2,000, making these very intimate occasions.

The newest event is calledĀ Asteria, and only 400 ticketsĀ will be sold. Rather than the litany of festivals featuring acts from the Desert Hearts crew (and inevitably Kalya Scintilla), Asteria is comprised of entirely Florida locals – with some surprise headliners to sweeten the pot.

Three weeks before the start of Asteria, guests will begin to receive customized packages containing information for their camping group (such as workshop, artist info, schedules, a map, and the reveal of our headliners) along with various gifts from selected sponsors & vendors. After their arrival, guests will be greeted and given tours of the property with the goal of helping them get acquainted with the grounds, vendors and sponsors. After setting up camp, guests will be free to roam around the property and par-take in any of the activities or live performances offered.


With various live performances, workshops & themed stages, Asteria is able to recreate the underground atmosphere that is typically lost with larger events, while still providing state-of-the-art sound, lighting, audio and a professional team of experienced event staff. Asteria attracts not only the average festival goer, but guests looking to break-away from the average “Club Style” festival experience.