It’s no secret that Chase Manhattan is one of our favorite underground beat hustlers. His style is equal parts gritty and gangster, with a touch of sensual ambiance for that West Coast feel.

Now, after a minor drought on the release front, he’s back in full force. The last couple weeks have both seen stellar new material from this low-end peddler and he isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Case in point: our premiere of Manhattan’s latest tune, ‘Wut’. This one is straight up raucous; it’s the kind of track that makes you get off your seat and wild out like your life depends on it. Thuggish vocal samples and crisp percussion run headlong into warbling synths and sub-bass heavy enough to knock glass off the shelf. If you like your eardrums massaged as much as we do, you’ll definitely have this one on repeat.

You can stream ‘Wut’ after the jump, so be sure to grab that free download if you’re feeling the vibes. After that, we highly recommend checking out Manhattan’s other recent releases. A good place to start is with his tune ‘CounterClockwise’, which is another absolute speaker-knocker. It debuted on the latest compilation from the We Got This crew, so tune in and get your mind blown. Happy listening!


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