Back before this month’s presidential election took place, Zedd joined several others in the DJ community in a plan to move out of the country if Donald Trump were to be elected. He made his opinions about the Republican candidate very well known, blasting his social media accounts with open and honest snippets about his detestability.

This week, however, it was revealed through an interview with Billboard that Zedd would not be leaving his Los Angeles home any time soon.

“There’s not a lot of things that can make me move away from L.A., especially now that I have a studio in my house.”

If things really take a turn for the worse, he said, he still has his German passport and a place to stay. While he usually only uses it for Christmas, he said the option is always open to start travelling there more often.

“I have a place in Germany, so when things go really bad, I can always go back. Typically, I only use it for Christmas, but if it has to be used more often, that’s an option.”

His attitude over the election seems to have shifted towards a more optimistic and inspired plane. He said that, sometimes, the right thing to do is focus on the positives in life, and appreciate them before becoming mired in the hardships.

“There’s always good things when times are bad, [but if] you only look at the bad things, you get hung up. I think sometimes it’s good to just step away for a second, look at the positive things and all the good things we have.”

As he continues into 2017, he said, he will be using his music as a source of happiness for his listeners.

“No minor chords anymore. Everything will be major from today on.”


Source: Billboard | Image: Rukes