Australia’s Babylon Festival took to its Facebook page on Tuesday to announce a brand new, eco-friendly addition to their event experience, beginning a trend that we sincerely hope carries far beyond the shores down under. Their “Butts Out” program, as they call it, will reward attendees who collect and discard cigarette butts found on the festival floor with free drinks and more.

“We will have biodegradable cups available at Babylon and we’ll be rewarding a full cup of cigarette butts with 1 x free drink or 1 x entry to our recycle raffle (prizes include lifetime passes to Babylon, Babylon mix CD’s, food vouchers + more).”

As attendees wander the festival and pick up butts, they’ll be contributing to the event-wide sustainability and waste management efforts planned for the March series.

Read Babylon’s full Facebook post on “Butts Out” below.


Source: Stoney Roads