The duo that brought you the slow jam hit cover “Tell Me Something Good feat. Sophia,” are back at it again. Carneyval and Jackson Breit have created a new soulful, funky, infectiously fantastic tune. The track, “It Ain’t Love,” was released today on Gramatik’s impression Lowtemp, and is nothing shy of an instant classic.

When asked what the track was about, Breit said,

“It Ain’t Love” is about the hustle and struggles that come along with pursuing your dreams, particularly in the entertainment industry. The song conveys the message that doing what you love is not enough to gain success in your field. It is the continuous grind and ability to ride the wave of highs and lows that define your career.”

Breit delivers a great performance, showcasing his ability to harmonize, create textures with his voice, and put the final touches to a song that make it a hit. He also did a phenomenal job playing trumpet on this track. This guy is a true renaissance man. Carneyval’s talent as a producer really bleeds through in this track as he mixes Breit’s trumpet and vocals, some live drums, and undeniably funky fills  effortlessly into the new track, “It Ain’t Love.” When asked about the track, he said,

“People will tell you to do what makes you happy, but a lot of this industry is hard work. I don’t think you should do what always just makes you happy, I think you should do what makes you great.”

This track demonstrates exactly what makes this duo a great combination. They have more exciting news too. There will be a video that accompanies this tune very soon. Check back here to see the video and take a listen to the track below: