It all sort of started with EDC calling its attendees “headliners,” but the concept of “the customer is always right” has been around for decades. Unfortunately, that concept has taken a long time to permeate through music festivals, but finally Firefly is taking that mantra to the umpteenth degree in 2017.

Next year, Firefly will become the first completely fan-curated music festival. This means that fans will have a say in the artists, in the art installations, in the food, the merchandising, the pre-party… everything except the location of the venue.

Christiane Pheil, Red Frog Events’ Creative Programming Director, tells Consequence of Sound, “It won’t just live within talent anymore. We realized how much people were engaged and loving being involved in the talent portion of the event, so we were like why are we just doing this with the lineup? Why not do it with everything?”

In total, there will be around 40 different surveys for fans to participate in that will shape how Firefly turns out next year.

Ticket on-sale and the lineup will be announced in early 2017, but you can head to now to begin telling organizers what you want this year’s fest to be like. Firefly lands at The Woodlands in Dover, DE on June 15th-18th.


via Consequence of Sound

Facebook Image via Red Frog Events