Tuesday, Wednesday, maybe you wear you undies backwards on Friday and cross your fingers; there are countless theories on how to get the best airline rates, and all of them leave your fare to chance. But Google Flights wants to change that.

Google is far and away humanity’s most fearsome data aggregator, analyzer, and workhorse, so it makes total sense that their software would be the most accurate at guaranteeing you’ll get the most affordable booking possible.

Sure, Kayak and Skyscanner are both similar services that allow users to track fares, but they don’t come close to Google’s predictive analysis. Additionally, Google Flights will provide users with a time window if its algorithms judge that to be your lowest rate, so now your dreams of affordable pilgrimmage to Tomorrowland can finally become a reality. Check out the image below which predicts a price increase down to the hour.



Source: Vocativ