Big Wild’s emergence to the forefront of the indie electronic scene through ODESZA’s carefully-curated Foreign Family Collective with singles “Invincible” and “Aftergold” has really turned him into one of my personal acts to follow through 2017. And speaking of well-curated, his last single “Invincible” has just received a shiny remix pack from some truly quality remixers Manila Killa, Point Point, and J. Phlip. 

As a collective pack, all three of the remixes are unique in their own respective ways, which comes as a relief both as a listener and as somebody prepared to write a few words about them. Manila Killa’s starts off strong with some cinematic drums and carries on in an anthemic vein. Point Point went a completely different route with theirs, utilizing soft piano keys and going for a far more stripped down approach. And finally there’s J. Phlip, who ‘phlip-ed’ “Invincible” on its head with a minimalistic house-leaning approach that will serve as the after-hours anthem of the pack.

Stream all three, plus the original, below!