If there’s anything 2016 has taught us, it’s that more Daft Punk music is never a bad thing. Though the robots only came out with two new songs this year (and even then, they were only features), we could feel their return in our bones and it just hurts so good.

Now, if this Unreleased Daft Punk Soundcloud channel is to be believed, a new (or old) track from the Random Access Memories era has leaked, featuring Nile Rodgers on guitar and vocalist Lemar. We’re obviously excited when we come across something like a Daft Punk leak, but understandably skeptical at the same time. “Feel Good,” however, sounds extremely legitimate. Between the slick guitar licks and the general vibe of the track, not to mention the production quality, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was a legitimate leak.

And if it’s not, then damn, whoever made this is good.


H/T Dancing Astronaut