Everyday there appears to be new lists from all sorts of media floating in the Internet. With two weeks into December, the latest trends in Internet lists are capping off everything of substance (worthy or lacking) to summarize the entirety of 2016. Heck, we participate with our very own end of the year lists including “Top 40 Artists to Watch” list and our upcoming Your EDM Awards (details on that coming soon). Although this has become an annual tradition, the lists march one-by-one and fill up our online feed informing us with opinions on what the year was like and what the future will hold.

Attempting to do just that is EDM super label Spinnin’ Records sharing what they are calling their “Future Stars” of next year. The artists chosen are have released music with the label and have met unexpected success. The four include Mike Williams, Mesto, Dastic, and Hasse de Moor.

All four are interesting choices, to say the least. Check out this quick run down on why Spinnin’ Records might have made their choices:

  • Mike Williams had a year that included collaborations with up-and-comer Justin Mylo and legend Tiësto and releases on Spinnin’ Records and Musical Freedom. When you start at such a high bar, the question becomes whether he’ll be able to maintain his momentum and Spinnin’ might know the answer.
  • With Mesto, his name skyrocketed after collaborating with Martin Garrix twice. Although Mesto has zero official releases with Spinnin’ or its affiliated labels, they might have the insider knowledge to make him a greater impact next year. Just for context, the track “Bouncybob” with Garrix and Justin Mylo gained 10 millions streams from Spotify alone. It’s a surprise that Mylo isn’t included on this list.
  • Dastic has garnered the attention of Spinnin’ Records and after signing and releasing his track “Go Home” did they recognize his potential to blow up. With millions of streams between YouTube and Spotify, he’s looking more like the proper investment for newfound success.
  • The most promising of the four might be Hasse de Moor. With releases on multiple labels including Mad Decent, Dim Mak, Mixmash, and Main Course as well as collaborations with Wuki, GLD and Glowinthedark, it might be pretty obvious why Spinnin’ Records has faith that Hasse might shine in 2017.

Let us know if you think Spinnin’ Records has the right idea with their list of Future Stars. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait and see to figure if Mike Williams, Mesto, Dastic and Hasse De Moor are going to own 2017.


Source: WeRaveYou