Snapchat just upgraded their flagship app in a huge way. Announced via various outlets this morning, users now have the ability to create group chats in the app as well as Shazam songs through the app.

Groups solves many of the little problems that you’ve probably experienced with Snapchat. Namely, clicking on all the individual names you want to send snaps to. Now, you can add up to 16 friends to a group and it works in the same way as regular snaps: Snaps sent to a Group can only be opened and replayed once by each recipient, messages are deleted by default after 24 hours, and if a Snap isn’t opened, it’s deleted after 24 hours.

But the even bigger update that we’re excited about is the ability to Shazam music through the app. In the electronic music community, at least with my own circle of friends, half of the snaps we receive are from the shows we go to. Having the ability to immediately identify a track that’s being played is going to be an absolutely invaluable tool.

Not to mention that many tracks by artists are uploaded to Shazam before they’re released to the public – if someone catches an unreleased track at a show, there’s now a good chance you’ll know the ID!