The latest update to Snapchat was absolutely massive, introducing a bunch of new features, including Groups and Shazam functionality into the app itself. (Yes, you can Shazam music directly from Snapchat.)

Along with those were two tools that have been slower to roll out: Paintbrush and Scissors. The first is essentially a carbon copy of the Prisma app, which overlays a specific artistic pattern on photos and images and alters their composition.


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The second tool, Scissors, is going to be extremely addictive to millennials – and let’s be honest, the king of Snapchat for EDM, Dillon Francis. In short, the Scissors tool allows you to take a freeform selection from any Snap and create a custom sticker with it. These stickers are saved to your Snapchat app and can then be used anytime and anywhere from then on.

You happened to Snap your friend with a really silly face? Cut it out, save it, and remind them of it at every chance you get.


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This update will be rolling out slowly to users over the next couple weeks.


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