Transmission Festival is known to have some of the most insane, highly stylized stage productions in the entire festival circuit. Along with their consistent all-star bookings of the scene’s best trance talent, the laser light shows, visuals and pyrotechnics have earned the organizers a shining reputation among fans from around the world.

During their latest installment, artist Vini ViciĀ closed out the festivities with his recent Armin van Buuren collaboration, “Great Spirit,” alongside a stunning visual spectacle. Luckily for us, Transmission captured it all on video. Featuring a wide diversity of styles and an ever-increasing climb in energy, the track comes as the ideal partner for Transmission’s light show.

Check below for the full video and shorter clip, or head here to grab your tickets for the festival’s next stop in Thailand this March.


Images via Transmission Festival | H/T EDM Sauce