It’s been a grand year for The Chainsmokers. After delivering a Coachella performance of a lifetime, they followed it up with music that reached the top of the charts, massive radio play, and a lot of people getting sick and tired of hearing the word “rover.” Nevertheless, the job of an artist is never done and Drew and Alex promise more new music in the year to come.

We already know they’ll almost definitely premiere some new music at their Los Angeles Convention Center show on December 30th (and likely their appearance at Insomniac’s Countdown thereafter), but of course there will also be lots of new music in 2017.

The Chainsmokers were also the target of deadmau5′ daily ire yesterday… for some reason. Deadmau5 responded to a number of tweets from the duo with no apparent goal in mind other than to try and stir something up. He even dug up a tweet from four days prior, just because.

This isn’t the first time that deadmau5 has gone after The Chainsmokers unprovoked, either. Back in 2014, when The Chainsmokers were still really building a brand and defining their sound, deadmau5 likened them to cancer.

Of the tweet, Drew later said, “It was the first time anyone cared enough to shit on us. At that point, I fell out of love with his music. Now his brand is less about his music and more about his personality, which is being a dick.”


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