Yesterday morning and into the afternoon, the social media of a large amount of dance music producers and DJs was taken over by a singular phrase: Om Telolet Om. Having been tweeted out for hours and hours with virtually no explanation given as to why, the answer was finally revealed to be a common phrase in Indonesia.

The phrase is one part onomatopoetic and two parts “Hey!”

“Om” is something used to get the attention of a male elder in Indonesia, while “telolet” represents the sound that a bus’s horn makes. It literally translates to “sir, honk your horn, sir.” We’re still not sure why this pervaded dance music exclusively to such a degree, but it sure made for an interesting day – and also a lot of engagement for these artists on their accounts.

There are even entire songs now created about the phrase!

If you’re wondering what an Indonesian bus horn really sounds like, check it out below.


H/T Billboard