Illenium has had quite the year in 2016. Releasing a stunning album and launching a successful tour is no small task. Many of the songs on his album have been remixed, creating exciting new tracks to further enliven the already stunning album. One remix that caught my attention was Canadian duo, FURY‘s remix of “I’ll Be Your Reason.” “I’ll Be Your Reason” is one of my favorite tracks from the Ashes album and FURY has made it into a future bass hit with a surprise ending.

The track begins with a simple piano chord progression, some percussion and distant vocals. The reverb invited you in to explore what comes next in the track. FURY lays the original vocals over some elements of the original track on top of the piano. The future bass hits you right in the feels, broken up by samples from the original track to keep your head bobbing. As the track calms down, the anticipation for the second drop builds. You will be pleasantly surprised at what lies at the end of the second break. You can snag a copy and listen to the track below: