Perhaps one of the most divisive artists of 2016 is Skrillex. The LA-based OWSLA don has done a lot this year in the way of collaborations and major pop productions, but many fans are unhappy that he’s seemingly lost his own sound. That’s to be debated, with tracks like “Killa” and “Purple Lamborghini” continually being played out at shows, but the discussion rages on.

One thing we can take away this holiday season is that his seminal Bangarang EP was released five years ago today, December 23. At the time, bass music was mostly dominated by the Brits (and Dieselboy), but Skrillex showed that a bedroom producer from LA had just as much potential as any of the greats. It was during a time of a large shift in sounds in electronic music, what with the advent of “brostep” and the beginnings of trap, so there’s a lot to consider with the release.

Not only was the production impeccable, but it also saw Skrillex teaming up with a number of other well-respected producers and artists, like The Doors, Ellie Goulding and Wolfgang Gartner. Of course his collaborations with Sirah, “Kyoto” and the title track “Bangarang,” should not be overlooked either.

While we hope for another Skrillex album (we’ll settle for an EP) in 2017, we still have works like Bangarang, Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites and Recess to look back on.


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