2016 has been a great year for EDM. Between all of the fantastic albums and singles, revolutionary festivals and new advances in stage design, etc etc, there’s been a lot to be happy for in the past twelve months. That can definitely be said for one of the internet’s favorite labels – Monstercat.

The label has released over 150 songs in 2016, considering their consistent release schedule of a new track ever Monday, Wednesday and Friday (with some exceptions). With a lot of new artists joining the family, and a more diverse roster than ever, there were plenty of tracks to choose from if one was to make a “Best Of Monstercat 2016” mix. Fortunately, we have Slips & Slurs to narrow things down for us.

Not to be confused with any of their Best Of Genre albums, Slips & Slurs has thrown his own “Best Of” mix together for fans of the label. Featuring everyone from veterans Varien and Pegboard Nerds to newcomers Kuuro and Koven, this mix is a great example of how far the label has come this year. Check it out below!

1. Varien – Dawn Will Bring Us Death
2. Ephixa & Stephen Walking – Matches (Subtact Remix) [feat. Aaron Richards]
3. Ephixa & Stephen Walking – Matches (Slips & Slurs Remix) [feat. Aaron Richards]
4. Topi – Backup (Tisoki Remix)
5. Slips & Slurs – Malicious
6. Noisestorm – Antihero
7. Dirty Audio – Gorilla Glue
8. Koven – Telling Me
9. Pegboard Nerds – Superstar
10. Grant – Wake Up
11. Kuuro – Aamon
12. Marshmello – Alone (DISKORD Remix)
13. Slips & Slurs x Mihka – WiFi Tears
14. Going Quantum & Psychic Type – Rare
// 14a. Seven Lions & Echos – Cold Skin
15. Subtact – Tunnel Vision
16. Pegboard Nerds – BAMF
17. Aero Chord x Fractal – Until The End (feat. Q’AILA)
18. Hush – Fopspeen (Bound 2 U) [Feat. All About She]
19. Slips & Slurs – Divided VIP
20. Protostar – No Turning Back
21. Muzzy – Junction Seven
22. Stonebank – Soldier
23 WRLD – By Design
24. Puppet & Murtagh – Killing Giants (feat. Richard Caddock)
25. Richard Caddock, WRLD, Nitro Fun, Slips & Slurs & Subtact – Break The Silence (Edit)