VOIA has been covered on Your EDM since 2014, so when something like a “legacy artist” finally releases his debut album, it’s a special moment for everyone involved.

VOIA’s style has always been a little eclectic, if not future-leaning. With influences from Porter Robinson, sakuraburst and more, there’s a complexity to his production that’s accessible and interesting to listen to. By all metrics, VOIA is a talented producer, so it was fascinating to see what kind of story he could come up with in a long-form release.

To say that I’m only pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. With an emphasis on vocal, poppy productions, there’s a clear parallel that can be made to artists like Owl City, or more recently, Adam Tell. However, there’s an obvious natural ease that the production exudes.

While the album definitely starts out along that line of innocent, bubbly pop, it does progressively explore some harder sounds, such as “Doki Blaster” and “Metamorph.” Though, the hardest song on the record is without a doubt “Null Zone” with TeddyLoid.

There’s a huge importance placed on impeccable songwriting in this album, which shows effortlessly in every track with vocals or chops or anything else. One track flows seamlessly into the next, providing one of the best album experiences of the year.

Futuresong is available on iTunes and Bandcamp.