Just a few weeks after Disclosure‘s Facebook account got hacked with posts reporting Miley Cyrus gave a blowjob on stage, The Weeknd has become the latest victim of a Facebook hack. This evening, The Weeknd uploaded three posts that we presume to be implicated in his account hack: the same Miley Cyrus story Disclosure posted, a post detailing “12 signs you’re masturbating too much” and a story of Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Tyga being “caught in a compromising position.”

Interestingly, both Disclosure’s and The Weeknd’s account hacks resulted in links routing back to a website called bbviral.co. Further inspection of the site reveals a very sketchy-looking interface with tabloid headlines. It’s possible the site is targeting established musicians to route fans back to their site to generate ad revenue, or even commit even more nefarious schemes. Whatever the case, it’s apparent both Disclosure and The Weeknd are proof that even the most presumably secure accounts can become victims of hacking.

See The Weeknd’s hacked posts below:

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