The Grammys are recognizing dance music more and more each year, and next year’s nominees include everyone from The Chainsmokers to Bob Moses for dance music awards and flagship awards alike. It remains to be seen in the ceremony includes performances from any dance acts next year, but the executive producer of the 59th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony may have spilled the beans on two artists slated to perform.

In a Billboard roundtable interview, producer Ken Ehrlich revealed that Beyoncé and Adele may be playing the 2017 awards ceremony. One of the interview questions mentioned the two competing in major awards categories and asked if they would be playing the ceremony, to which Ehrlich replied, “Very few people say no to the ­Grammys. Over all of the years I’ve been ­doing the show, there have been [only] three or four acts who’ve actually said no.

When Billboard followed up asking Ehrlich to name the artists who declined, he dodged the question but clarified “that Adele and Beyoncé are not two of them.” Both artists released huge albums this past year, so it only makes sense that both are scheduled to perform at next year’s ceremony.

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H/T: The Boombox