The holidays call for loved ones, merriment, and of course, music. To reign in the new year, you’re going to want some proper tunes to lay the foundation for a celebration to remember, and we’ve assembled some of the best apps to do just that.

You already know about Pandora, Spotify, and SoundCloud, but there are loads of other services worth checking out if you’re dedicated to music and haven’t gone all in on an app yet.


This has to be my favorite app find of the year. Musi allows users to add YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks to their account to create a unified playlist of your favorite jams. At the moment, Musi is only available for Apple iOS.

TuneIn Radio

If you love listening to the radio when you drive, and wish you could listen to it outside of your car, look no further. TuneIn Radio can remotely tune into any station, so you’ll never miss your favorite show or have to leave your old stations behind during a move across the country. Available on pretty much all devices.


This one is akin to an amped up Pandora, with the bonus of podcasts, local radio stations, and zero ads. Available on whatever device you find yourself using this holiday season.

YouTube Red

YouTube is an incredible resource for music, especially one-off recordings that you can’t really get anywhere else. YouTube Red takes this a step further, offering ad-free videos, offline playability, and listening to music outside of the app with the screen off, which combine for one seriously powerful application. For $9.99 per month, it’s a contender with Spotify, so it’s up to you whether the addition of video content is more valuable to you than just music. Available on whatever device you already own.

Google Play Music

The logical upgrade if you want YouTube Red with just a little more focus on music. There’s a free version to try, but the real meat and potatoes is in the Unlimited service. Not only does Google Play Music include a YouTube Red subscription, but you’ll get access to over 35 million songs on-demand, ad-free radio, and a world of podcasts. You can also download up to 50,000 songs for your own offline collection. The service starts at $9.99 for a single account, and a family account costs $14.99 with up to six members. For the holiday season, Google is even giving away four months of Google Play Music for free, available on all your favorite devices.


H/T: The Balance | Photo: Rukes