After headlining Miami’s Ultra Music Festival in March of 2016, legendary electronic group Pendulum updated their official website to feature a mysterious, grainy image and a repeating message that stated “Pendulum Returns in 2016, After Four Years of Silence.” Now, nearly a year later, Pendulum has unveiled their newest development toward a formal reunion.

On Monday, Pendulum’s official Youtube account uploaded a short and cryptic video chock full of strange imagery and potentially revealing information, “Pendulum Returns.” Most of the footage appears to be taken in Europe, with short takes of parks, streets, mailboxes and cars speckled throughout the video. A specific mailbox is shown with the phrase “Monday to Friday 6:30 pm,” most likely referring to the mail collection times. But with every second of the video up for discussion, it’s hard to believe the information was included without some kind of significance to Pendulum’s reunion.

Meanwhile, a new website called has been created for the distribution of news updates to the group’s massive realm of fans. The same video plays on loop in the background, and visitors are invited to enter their email addresses in a box.

Check out the full video below.


Image: Rukes