Tchami’s label CONFESSION has been at the forefront of the darker, heavier side of house music with some stellar releases by MALAA, Angelz, Dombresky, and more.

Now, the label is putting out their first ever talent compilation album Alchemy to showcase seven of their aforementioned label-signed talents who will all be looking to make their respective marks in the g-house/bass house world. Tchami took to Facebook yesterday to announce the compilation’s impending release which should speak to the EP’s high priority among the label’s figurehead.

Kicking off with Angelz, the EP moves swiftly from artist to artist and makes a good point to show off works from new and old label artists alike. While Brohug, Dustycloud, and several others may be familiar to diehard CONFESSION fans, artists like Keeld and Landis LaPace get to shine with the former showcasing his debut CONFESSION release while Landis closes us off with his first original single on the label “Ambition.”

Stream it below.