Hailed as one of our top artists to watch in 2017, SteLouse kicks off the year strong with a brand new track that will have you moving and grooving until the early AM. Known for his future style tracks, SteLouse takes a new turn with his latest deep house-inspired single “Lovers” featuring the enigmatic vocal capabilities of Brave.

Featuring a groovy bassline, rhythmic instrumentation and haunting lyrics that will have you in a perpetual state of house heaven, SteLouse crushes on his latest hit. With funky guitar and a knack for impeccable percussion lines, this track is a complete whirlwind of emotion, with almost a Daft Punk feel using vocoded deep vocals to harmonize with the top line. Incorporating his future style at times to break the barrier between genres, “Lovers” is a must hear new track that shows promise for this upcoming year of new tracks from the Colorado-based act.