Stellar duo Grey has just come out with their first track of 2017, a stunning future bass ballad called “I Miss You,” featuring Southern California trio Bahari.

“I Miss You” toes the line between pop and electronic quite carefully, featuring exceptionally well-produced vocals and a catchy, vocal-chopped chorus accompanied by a tight, swinging rhythm – something that’s become a bit of a trend in pop/EDM crossovers as of late. However, what Grey perhaps loses in originality they make up for in production, with crisp and clear sounds coming at every turn.

Grey famously got their start with remixes, but have since transitioned into originals, having been groomed specifically by Zedd. It’s inspiring to see their meteoric rise, having collaborated with a variety of artists and now getting their original music careers off the ground.

Check out their new original “I Miss You” below with a dope lyric video in tow at the bottom.