After a whopping nine months since his last post, Perth-based producer Willco has burst into the dance music scene with a hilarious and forehead-gripping mix chock full of memes, mash ups and even a few bangers. Titled “Literally Fuck Genres,” the 20-minute mix has already received more than 75,000 plays in just a few days and greatly surpassed all of Willco’s previous uploads.

Featuring a surprisingly fluid blend between some of the biggest tracks in dubstep, trap, and house, alongside hits from pop, rock, alternative and hip hop, the mix stays true to its title for all 20 minutes. From purposefully disappointing drops and inhumane mash ups to some unexpected matches made in heaven, the experience of listening to Willco’s concoctions is truly worthwhile.

Listen to the full mix below, and click here to download the individual mash ups.